Church Family Camp @ Morib

Had a 3-days-2-nights trip at Morib.
Before reaching Morib,
We went and visit the hippos. :3
The last time we saw them was also on the way to Morib.

And we saw some crocodiles too.
But they're so far away. -_______-

Don't worry,
The hippos and the crocodiles are in different pools. :P

After that, we went to the mushroom farm / factory / shop and also the lover's bridge.
And we reached our final destination (not the horror movie) around 3 in the afternoon.

We had our youth service with Ps Clement Wong.
We enjoyed ourselves as Ps Clement is a humorous person.
When he jokes, everyone in the hall laughs.

We were also given free time.
On the second day,
Me and my friends went for the theme park at our resort.

Thank God someone brought volleyball,
So we went to the beach for volleyball match.
The sun was so bright and the sand was so hot it burns our feet,
But it was fun so nobody cared about being tanned.

Didn't manage to take photos while having our leisure time. :(

We are fortunate because we managed to see...

and also...


We had our group photo taken.

And also youth group photo.

The bonus of this trip was the resort.
Sis and I shared a room while my parents shared another.

They room was designed for couples,
So the window of the bathroom to the bedroom can actually be opened from inside and also outside!
They have Jacuzzi bath tub!

Bubbles after Jacuzzi x3

Throughout this camp I we selca a lot.

For your information,
Selca means self capture.

The reason I no longer use the word 'camwhore' is because I learnt that this word is rude.
'Camwhore' actually means you take dirty pictures to earn money.
So next time I should understand a word before using it. :O

On the beach in the morning,
We saw many creatures crawling near our feet.

This jelly fish is dead tho. #RIP

And last but not least,
Who can forget the jump shots!


Notice our shirts?
4 of us have the same shirts and the two whites just happen to be there.
But we still love you guys. :DD

I might do gif. with the jump shots,
But not now as I'm half-asleep when I'm typing this.

We're awesome like that. :D

It hasn't been more than 24 hours but I miss the camp already!
Church camp,
See you again in two more years! :D <3

Things-that-must-be-finished-to-do-before-school-reopen list.
#1 Schoolwork for 3 subjects
#2 Log book for Shirtliff house
#3 Attendance card for Shirtliff house
#4 Additional Maths folio (I heard it's about popcorn!)
#5 Get sponsorship for school magazine
#6 Take photos for school magazine dividers
#7 Complete #1 to #6

I did nothing this holiday,
Not to mention studying. :(
And SPM is in... 4 more months if exclude June and November? :(


Time to sleep,
Will be posting more stuffs tomorrow.


<3 (ignore the auntie beside) How I wish that lady is me. :(

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